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Rose plant gardening for beginners!

Launching a new gardening channel for beginners

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Cutting, grading bunching and packing garden ...

Created on December 11, 2009 using FlipShare.

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Burke’s Backyard, Rose Pruning

Don Burke tells you all you need to know about pruning your roses.

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How to grow roses – Growing great ...

In today’s episode we look at how to grow roses in your garden. We cover all aspects of growing rose plants – from the soil needed, pH of the soil, sunlight and water requirements, fertilizing rose plants and much more!

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Kristi’s Rose Garden Tour

Kristi’s Rose Garden Tour. I show you my roses!

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Rose plant maintenance tips

Video tips how to maintain your rose plants in optimum condition.

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05 Prairie Snowdrift Roses?

October rosebud

Maybe the last of the year

Mid-October Moments


October Yellow Rose

Rose & Bud


One of the last


The Illusionist

Rose Graham Thomas


rose, "lavender dream"



Briar Rose

Red rose


YELLOW ROSE ... (DSC_0510)