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Best Potting Soil for Rose Plant || ...

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Gardening Inspirations: David Austin ...

Richard Jackson takes us on a tour of the David Austin Rose gardens in Wolverhampton and gets some tips on tending roses from their Technical Manger, Michael Marriot. See more Gardening Inspirations online

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How to grow roses – Growing great ...

In today’s episode we look at how to grow roses in your garden. We cover all aspects of growing rose plants – from the soil needed, pH of the soil, sunlight and water requirements, fertilizing rose plants and much more!

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Bonica Rodenstock Splendar 1 : 2,8 f=85mm

rose, "Rose Marie"

Rose 'Moyland'

Pink mood!! P1110016





red one

rose, "carefree wonder"


Lorraine Lee at Sunset

Autumn-Peach Rose

Rose (Click to enlarge)

White Rose-949968

Pink rose


Happy Sunday!! P1100976